🇵🇱 During the conference, all speeches will be available in two languages - Polish and English thanks to live interpreters. 🇬🇧
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Get to know the paths of our conference

#Crossing Perspectives

DesignWays Conf is a meeting place - of people, knowledge, experiences... and different perspectives. It is this diversity that we want to focus on during the 4th edition of the event.

Together we will think about how designers find themselves in a dynamically changing situation - a range of options, a diversity of working environments, various needs of designers and users. During the lectures, workshops and discussions, we will confront many perspectives. We will build a space to discuss about the importance of the role and work of a designer, as well as the responsibility it brings. We will show that design is more than just interfaces!

Thanks to speakers from various industries and organizations, participants will be offered a large dose of practical knowledge. We will make sure that our conference is a place to exchange experiences and best practices.

Design & No-Code

Each of the stages of design is equally important, so in this track we will talk about what is at the end of the design path. There will also deal with the topics related to no-code, which has recently become increasingly popular among designers’ interests.

Inclusivity & Accessibility

Accessibility and inclusivity, or designing without exclusion - a range of topics that could not be missed at this year’s edition. During lectures and workshops you will learn about accessibility from different perspectives such as design and business.

Accessible Design
Inclusive Design
Design(ers) matter

What is the importance of design and the role of a designer in today’s world? We will show that design is more than just interfaces, and we will talk about how design can affect human life and what responsibility it brings. There will be case studies, inspiration... conversations about the current situation, designing for a new reality, and also about the future.

Design Activism
Designer Ethics
Futures Thinking
Research & Discovery

About research, that is how to ask and look for answers. We will talk about the relationships with the users, values in research, tools and methods, as well as the challenges we face during research.

Product Discovery
Design & Business

What to do to make business running smoothly? How do you manage your business? What business decisions to make so that the product is good and the customer is satisfied? We will look for answers to these and other questions during lectures and workshops.

Product Development
Growth Design
Design Strategy

In every industry, strategy is the key to success, hence this track will include topics such as how to effectively manage teams and how to scale projects. Both smaller and larger teams will find something to enjoy here.

Team Building
Design Processes

We will see on real examples what is worth and what is better to avoid if it comes to processes. We will discuss effective process design, as well as specific methods and tools.

Creative Process
Research Process
Design Process
UX & Product Design

User experience is reflected in many areas. During this track, we’ll hear about the different dimensions of design, and learn about the range of opportunities the UX industry presents to designers.

Product Design
Futures Thinking
Career Development